Credit products shipped in weeks, not quarters

Onbo has everything you need out of the box to deliver a full credit experience to your users without any external reliances.

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Buy now Pay Later

Buyers want credit at better terms. Supercharge your payment solutions with a lending layer and improve retention.

  • Split purchases to multiple payments

  • Integrates into your existing payments flow

  • Ledger + Accounting is built-in

Charge / credit cards

Extend your cardholder’ spending budgets via an open line of credit, increasing interchange revenue and also potentially gaining interest.

  • Works with both debit and credit BIN ranges on Visa and Mastercard

  • Works with all card issuing platforms, including Lithic, Apto, Stripe, and Marqeta

  • Licenses + Ledger + Accounting is built-in

Payroll loans

Allow employees to get early access to unearned wages for short term needs direct within their payroll app

  • APIs can integrate to any open payroll provider

  • Funds flow can deduct from user’s bank account or from payroll directly

  • Licenses + Ledger + Accounting is built-in



Offer business loans or lines of credit to trucking businesses...


Give patients an alternative way to pay for procedures...


Improve merchant value proposition by offering them loans...


Enable capital solutions to build affinity with restaurants...


Add an ideal credit solution for farmers and their workers...


Merchants want credit at better terms...


Customers need credit to support their families...

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