What is Onbo?

Fastest and easiest way for any company to launch its own credit or embedded lending product – in weeks, not months or years – without the hassle of working with a traditional bank sponsor.

User-friendly, developer centric approach

Works with your existing stack. No need to migrate. Simply plug and play.

Leave the lending complexities to us

Focus on your core values and customers. We take care of the complexities.

Customizable, modular, scalable solution

Easy to get started. Customize with scale.

Single API
for everything credit

Onbo is the first time ever that this full stack Credit-as-a-Service infrastructure has been made available in a modular, plug and play solution that works with your existing tech stack

Disbursements and origination

Fund user accounts instantly. We will maintain accounts behind the scenes that allow users to start using funds in seconds.

Payments and servicing

We deduct payments and update user accounts in real time.

Ledger and accounting

A loan management system with accounting and ledger is built-in. But you can also bring your own. We work well with others.



Offer businesses loans or lines of credit to trucking companies who use your card product. Improve retention and interchange revenue.


Give patients an alternative way to pay for procedures outside the insurance coverage. An embedded lending experience that can be enabled at point of sale.


Improve merchant value proposition by offering buyers loans or lines of credit through your platform. Increase loyalty and average order size.


Enable capital solutions to build affinity with restaurants. Become their cash flow management partner for the long term.

Real estate

Offer home improvement loans for one-time expenses and personal line of credit for families transiting in between properties.


Merchants want credit at better terms. Supercharge your payment solutions with a lending layer and improve retention.


Offer credit to support customers’ families. Make instant credit access within transfer flow.

Gig economy

Help gig economy workers and underbanked population build credit and financial stability with credit-builder layer added to everyday expenses.


Add a credit solution for farmers and their workers. Fully customizable and scalable across multiple states.


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How much debt capital can Onbo provide?

Am I free to set the pricing of any credit that my platform offers?

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