Announcing our recent $114M debt and equity raise

Build credit products without a bank sponsor

Credit products without a bank sponsor.
Offer a compliant credit product in weeks, not months.

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Coverage and Scale

$4 Billion+

applications processed

1.5 Million+

transactions processed


for US consumers


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A new approach
to fintech products

Modular integrations to help with what you need.

We manage licenses and compliance

Bank sponsorships and obtaining state licenses can take years. Onbo’s fully licensed and compliant credit products can be embedded into your comprehensive financial service, allowing you to GTM fast.

Flexible, scalable, and customizable underwriting

Bring your own KYC, fraud, and underwriting policies. It's easy to get started and customize them with scale.

Debt capital support built-in

We work with all debt capital providers large and small. Start with equity capital and scale with a debt facility seamlessly. As you grow, the reporting for debt investors is automated.

Backed by investors from

Credit products shipped in
weeks, not quarters

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Building credit

A credit builder feature allows users to build their credit using microloans for everyday purchases.

Building credit

Personal Loans

Our personal loans can be modified using 15 different loan parameters and come with our flexible loan management system “LMS.”

Personal Loans

Line of Credit

Lines of credit are revolving and are useful for borrowers to extend spending capacity.

Line of Credit
Supported by
CEO of Altro

Michael Broughton

CEO and Co-founder of Altro

“We were glad to spend time focusing on customer acquisition and experiences, while we trusted Onbo to make the backend complexities invisible
and frictionless.”

One API with
everything you need

Disbursements and origination

Fund user accounts instantly. We will maintain accounts behind the scenes that allow users to start using funds in seconds.

Payments and servicing

We deduct payments and update user accounts in real time.

Ledger and accounting

A loan management system with accounting and ledger is built-in. But you can also bring your own. We work well with others.

Powerful features to help you manage and scale


Build rules to automate repetitive tasks. Free up time for your team to focus on the cases that matter.



Contact us

Feel free to reach out with any questions about the pricing options and more

Contact us

Feel free to reach out with any questions about the pricing options and more